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Our responsibility is to the earth, to the animals and people that occupy it. To the water we drink and to the air we breathe. To the resources we need for future generations to survive and thrive. For ourselves - to live toxic free and maintain our health. For the beauty - the natural wonders and the magic that is our landscape. To climate - so that communities are not destroyed. Small daily changes make a really big impact. Every time you spend money you choose the world you want to live in.

You are welcome to join us for Sustainability Fest 2019 at 25hours Hotel on 3rd November - details on the events page


We commit to fair trade products. To purchasing local from Swiss businesses and farms. To being plastic and chemical free. To giving back to the community so that wellness and education is for everyone.



We draw inspiration from our beautiful earth using seasonal produce. We use herbs, nature and essential oils for healing and to support our health.  Inspired by living simply and with the greatest respect for the earth.